Mountz LTT Torque Analyzer


Mountz LTT-Series torque analyzers are used to calibrate, verify, and maintain torque tool performance. They are compatible with Mountz’s reaction and rotary sensors, including the ones with angle measurement capability.

You can use the built-in torque transducer if the tool falls within the transducers range, or plug-in an auxiliary transducer that meets that tool’s torque output.

Performing regular & scheduled audits of torque tool performance is an essential function for any assembly environment. This practice ensures compliance with international standards as well helping to prevent product defects.

Having a torque analyzer in-house also helps save money: investing in a torque testing solution eliminates downtime as well as the expense of shipping tools back and forth to an outside service centre. The Mountz line of torque analyzers allows you to calibrate instruments more often, helping to reduce calibration turnaround times and costs.

The torque tester can be used with hand or power torque screwdrivers and wrenches. Use the built-in transducer within your torque range applications or purchase additional torque sensors with different torque ranges to calibrate and validate various tools.

When testing power tools, operators must use a rundown adapter to ensure reading accuracy and prevent damage to the torque analyzer.

  • Test and calibrate hand and power tools in-house to ensure proper tool function.
  • Improve Traceability: Document and create a historical record of your torque readings.
  • Record & store torque measurement data (software included)
  • Use one analyzer with a variety of torque sensors.
  • Built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery. High-capacity Li-Ion batteries for long life (30 hrs with standard torque sensors and 16 hrs with brushless rotary sensors).
  • ISO 17025 calibration certificate included with analyzer purchase.


Available Models:

  • Part # 068400 – Mountz LTT10i Torque Analyzer – Torque range: 1 in-lbs to 10 in-lbs
  • Part # 068401 – Mountz LTT25i Torque Analyzer – Torque range: 2.5 in-lbs to 25 in-lbs
  • Part # 068402 – Mountz LTT50i Torque Analyzer – Torque range: 5 in-lbs to 50 in-lbs
  • Part # 068403 – Mountz LTT100i Torque Analyzer – Torque range: 10 in-lbs to 100 in-lbs
  • Part # 068404 – Mountz LTT250i Torque Analyzer – Torque range: 25 in-lbs to 250 in-lbs
  • Part # 068405 – Mountz LTT50F Torque Analyzer – Torque range: 5 ft-lbs to 50 ft-lbs
  • Part # 068406 – Mountz LTT100F Torque Analyzer – Torque range: 10 ft-lbs to 100 ft-lbs
  • Part # 068407 – Mountz LTT250F Torque Analyzer – Torque range: 25 ft-lbs to 250 ft-lbs