Nederman FilterBox

  • Portable “Plug n Play” system
  • A flexible and modular portable welding fume and dust extractor system that solves the most common problems regarding welding fumes and non-combustible dust extraction
  • FilterBox can serve as a mobile or fixed mounted unit
  • Equipped with a NEX-HD arm for maximum air volume
  • Integrated silencer for quiet operation
  • Twin Arm Configuration available
  • The FilterBox has a cleanable filter for long life between filter changes
  •  Available in a white range for hygienic food and pharma applications
  •  Third party approval for welding fumes category W3 according to EN 15012-2
  •  User friendly and superior filter cleaning, mechanical and/or with compressed air for long filter life
  •  Control box with LCD display indicating when it is time   to clean or change filter cartridge
  •  Automatic start/stop
  •  HEPA-filter as option

The Nederman FilterBox is a highly effective mobile weld fume and/or dust extraction system.  For light to medium duty applications It is equipped with a fan providing maximum air flow capacity of 1000 m3/h (600 CFM), or a 1200 m3/h (700 CFM) fan for heavier duty requirements.  Each unit comes with an integrated silencer to reduce the noise generated from the fan and outlet air.

The unit has a filter supervision system which indicates when the air flow is too low, notifying the user that the filter needs to be cleaned. Depending on the model, it is equipped with mechanical cleaning for dust applications or a combination of mechanical and compressed air cleaning for fumes and dust.

The FilterBox can also be outfitted with a sensor clamp in order for start/stop to coincide with the welding process.
The unit an be used as either a mobile unit on wheels, or attached to a floor stand. Additional protection from harmful particles is provided if a HEPA filter is installed.