Nederman Modular Filter System

Modular Filter System (MFS)

Nederman’s Modular Filter System provides a simple solution for applications requiring the cleaning of the air from particles, smoke, dust, gases, and smells. The modular construction means that the system is suitable for both small work-spaces and for larger manufacturing centers. By supplementing the unit with Nederman’s line of high quality fans, extraction arms, and control boxes, you can build a customized solution reflective of your particular requirements.
Special features include: The filter is easily mounted on the wall, and can be equipped with a fan or connected directly to a ventilation duct as well as a Nederman extraction arm; expanding the system is relatively easy; the filters can be changed without the need for any tools.
HEPA and Carbon filters are available upon request.
Clean filtered air can be returned to the workplace, providing for the associated cost savings.