In-Ground Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems

With the Nederman line of In-Ground Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems the hose is hidden from view, and is only visible when its use is required.  These are particularly suitable for new repair shops that are still in the planning stage and can accommodate the in-ground pipe work required, and want the ascetic provided when hoses and other devices are hidden from view.

Our line of In-Ground systems are available in two varieties: “On-Floor” systems and “Under-Floor” systems.

In the “On-Floor” system a lid located on the floor is opened when the system is required, and a hose-kit is attached to the extraction outlet.  When the work has been completed the hose is removed and returned to storage, with the lid being returned to the closed position.

In “Under-Floor” systems the hose is pulled from its underground location and then pushed back underground when the work has been completed.

“On-Floor” systems provide for a greater variety of hoses and nozzles compared to “In-Floor” systems.