Mountz PTT Torque Analyzer


Great for calibrating and testing hand screwdrivers, wrenches, and power tools.

The PTT torque analyzer is battery powered, so it can be carried directly to the assembly line to perform spot-checks on production tools as part of a QA program or used at assembly stations for quick and easy torque tool validation and calibration.

A torque sensor is required.

The unit is compatible with rotary torque sensors for joint testing and verifying a power tool’s performance. Utilizing inline rotary torque transducers on your actual part is the best practice when validating and calibrating torque assembly tools.

When testing power tools, a run-down adapter is required to ensure an accurate reading and to prevent damage to the torque analyzer itself.

  • System Accuracy ± 0.5% of reading from 20% to 100% of full scale
  • System Accuracy ± 1% of reading from 10% to 20% of full scale


You can easily connect Mountz torque sensors to the PTT via a cable using the Mountz plug-and-play ARC II technology. Manufacturing teams can connect multiple torque sensors and analyzers with a Mountz multiplexer, easily switching between as many as 4 sensors.

The Mountz PTT torque analyzer will permit you to:

  • Reduce manufacturing errors by ensuring the proper torque is being applied.
  • Instantly verify that a tool is still in calibration.
  • Document and create a historical record of your torque readings.
  • Store torque measurement readings
  • Use multiple sensors on a single analyzer.
  • Work for long periods of time on a single battery charge – 30 hrs with standard torque sensors and 16 hrs with brushless rotary sensors

Rundown Adapters – designed to simulate the fastening process. They greatly improve testing repeatability by adjusting for the impact force and irregular peaks of power tools. Mounted in-line between the tool’s driver and the transducer, a rundown adapter provides consistent and reliable torque readings.

To properly quote you a rundown adapter we will need to know your target torque. There are adapters that go as low as 1 inch-lbs and others that go as high as 5000 ft-lbs. Whatever your torque requirements we have a rundown adapter that will meet your criteria. Click here to be sent to our Contact Us page. We’d love to be able to put together a competitive quote for you.

Adapters are also available that auto reverse. Once again, send us your torque requirements and we will happily put together a competitive quote.

Click here to be sent to our Contact Us page.